Near Side Cradle

The Front Headlock Is A Powerful Control Position That You Can Use To Take Your Opponent Down, Pin Him To Get Ground & Pound, Or Score A Submission Without Risk Of Losing Position

Control the Head to Control the Fight

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head lock

The Front Headlock is one of the fundamental control positions in wrestling and a MUST for any serious fighter to master.

It is great for setting up take downs, strikes, and submissions from, while your opponent is unable to counter.

One of the classic wrestling pins is the near side cradle.

It is tailor made for the front headlock, and leads you into a a great take down and an excellent position on the ground - whether you are going to look for a submission or throw devastating knees!


This next technique I will be showing off the Front Headlock Series is one of my favorite take downs.

My high school wrestling coach, Tirso Valls, was great with this technique and it took me time to learn it right but boy has it won me matches. My best victory to date with it was in ADCC 2009 against BJJ and ADCC World Absolute Champion Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu.

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