Far Knee Block

This Take Down Got Me A Win Against ADCC Absolute World Champion Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. Watch And Learn!

Control the Head to Control the Fight

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back trap

The Front Headlock is one of the fundamental control positions in wrestling and a MUST for any serious fighter to master.

It is great for setting up take downs, strikes, and submissions from, while your opponent is unable to counter.

The Far Knee Block has always been one of my favorite techniques. My high school wrestling coach Tirso Valls was a master at it. But never did I love this move more than at ADCC 2009 when I used it to defeat ADCC Absolute Champion Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. That move will now always have a place in my memories.

Every aspiring martial artist should know how to use the Far Knee Block. It is a great take down that is easily applicable from many situations. However, this setup I am going to show you I only learned after watching myself do it subconsciously. It is a great trap for someone stuck in your front headlock, making them think they are escaping when they are about to go ran over!


The final technique I will be showing off the Front Headlock Series is a classic wrestling pinning combo.

Out of all the wrestling techniques I know, this technique goes by more names than any other. It is a powerful way to counter take downs and establish dominate position. Plus, you can use it to score a submission as well!

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